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Welcome to Data Design

Since 1978, Data Design has served the needs of businesses and public agencies of all sizes with comprehensive software and services. In addition to offering a complete library of public sector software, we offer every type of service surrounding your computer system including hardware, networking, database development, needs assessment and consulting services.

As early as 1993, we began developing with true Windows programming tools. All of our software is leading edge Windows technology. We have extensive expertise with .NET programming methodologies, which is replacing conventional Windows software, just as Windows replaced DOS and other operating systems years ago.

We provide support services on software provided by other companies, as well as development of software fully customized to your needs.

We will train your existing IT staff in the new technologies, assist them in supporting you or provide supplemental technical services as needed. You will not find a more flexible, cost-effective support source than Data Design.

Please call (800) 792-3860 or email us at


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