TaxMaster.Net for Clerks



The latest “.Net” software technology is now available.  Powerful searches and lookups will quickly locate all taxes due from a taxpayer for all properties in all tax years.  Search by name, map/parcel, address, bill number and more.  Once selected, all bills can be paid with a single click. 

Exonerations and other adjustments are completed with simple mouse clicks.  Credit and debit card payments are processed; all data is web-ready for viewing and collections on the county web site.


The fee calculator will provide amounts due at any future date selected, for all bills owed by a taxpayer.  The Tax Sale is fully automated.   Our County Attorney interface provides access to all information, prepares form letters and flags properties with liens and other assignments. Tax collection data can be imported into your county’s financial accounting system automatically.  Your staff will save time with TaxMaster.Net.


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