UtilityMaster II



Customer Info
Complete static information is provided on this screen, with one-button access to all account balance and historical information.  A notes field is present for every customer.  A rolling history provides chronological details on bills, payments, penalties and adjustments.  Work orders can be issued on this address.  A customer may be “moved” to a new location within the service district, and all history of consumption and payments stays with the customer.  Unlimited services can be assigned to an account, providing for new services such as Storm water.


Payment Entry  
Customers can be selected by account number, service address or name.  Our bar code scanning option allows for account information to be retrieved by a simple scan, eliminating the chance of posting a payment to the wrong account.  Partial payments are distributed automatically, according to your priorities.  Or specific amounts can be applied to service, arrears and penalty balances. Credit card payments and electronic transfers are supported.


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